Toronto Zoo

Location: 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto, ON M1B 5K7


Price: $4

What We Ordered:

  • Veggie Burger
My sister Laura and me at the Toronto Zoo in July. We also had my two kids, my niece, my brother and his girl friend.

Burger Review:

This veggie burger comes from the Caribu TZ Cafe. It was bad. Like Biblical bad. The lettuce was so nasty that I had to pick it off to finish eating it. I only did eat it all because we had walked for 2 hours with another hour to go and I needed sustenance to keep up with 2 kids who were about to have a melt down lest I have one first.  Nothing about this burger worked. The bun was all wrong, the toppings were sad, their was only ketchup as a condiment, and the patty was uninspired. But what did I expect from a food trough at the zoo? 

This veggie burger looks drained of all colour and life. I didn’t even de-saturate the photo or anything. It came looking this sad and awful. 

Meat: Veggie patty which tasted a lot like the Yves patties you can get in the supermarket. I’m pretty sure it’s a tofu-based patty. 

Toppings: This burger comes with shaved lettuce and one sad slice of tomato. The lettuce had an awful taste like it had been in the fridge for too long. I ended up taking off all the lettuce. They had packs of ketchup that I also added on. 

Bun: Kaiser bun was too big for the burger and would have tasted better paired with a turkey swiss sandwich

Cross section of the veggie burger at the Toronto Zoo Cafe. I did not have a knife so this is a bite cross section.

Other Food:

Nothing else comes with this glorious bad boy. 

How the food arrived. The wrapping was too small for the burger I guess? And they only had ketchup as a condiment option.

Atmosphere & Staff:

It is line-up cafeteria style in a zoo with fluorescent lighting, lots of tourists, and noisy chatter. It’s as glamorous and uncomfortable as you’re probably picturing it right now.   

Final Verdict:
1 star

Don’t bother getting this. But do go to the zoo. It’s a lovely place that supports animal research and rehabilitation. 

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