Saltyz Grill

Location: 2075 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z4


Price: $29-ish

What We Ordered:

  • Lebanese Burger
  • Swiss Mushroom
  • Sweet potato fries
Exterior of Saltyz in Scarborough
Exterior of Saltyz Grill in Scarborough, Ontario

Burger Review:

The hubs suggested we try Saltyz Grill after learning of its existence somewhere online. The reviews looked good and I really wanted to try the Lebanese Burger. So I hopped in the ol’ Jeep and trekked through the first snowfall of this season for take-out. The place was not busy at all, and there was plenty of parking out front.

The Lebanese Burger was better than I thought it would be. It tasted like a shawarma plate, which is perfect for me. It does have fries in the burger, but they were hardly noticeable. What really stood out was the nutmeg flavour of the sauce, the sweet n’ saltiness of the pickles, and the coleslaw.

My only couple of complaints was the sauce was so runny that my burger was desperately soggy by the time I got it home even though we don’t live too far. And my other complaint is they use styrofoam containers and non-biodegradable bags for the burger.

The take out is not in eco-friendly containers
The Lebanese Burger unwrapped shows how saucy it gets

Meat: Patties are thin, but they stack them twice with a slice of cheese in between. The hubs thought his was a bit too well-done for his liking. But I found mine to be perfectly medium-well. They tasted fresh and formed on-site (ie not pre-fabbed frozen), but I didn’t ask to confirm. That’s just my hunch.

Toppings: The Lebanese Burger comes with fries, pickles, cheese, coleslaw, ketchup, mustard, and house sauce. I was worried I wouldn’t like it with ketchup and mustard, but if it was indeed on there at all, it wasn’t overpowering and blended right in. I don’t know what magic they put into their sauce, but it came out tasting like Shawarma with that hint of nutmeg. YUM!

Bun: The bun is a sesame seed bun. It wasn’t bad or anything, but it didn’t stand out as anything special. I might even lean towards saying it was a bit too big and fluffy. But it worked well with this burg. Unfortunately, the bottom was very soggy by the time I got it home to chow down, so I’d suggest consuming asap.

Cross-section of the Lebanese Burger
Cross section of the Lebanese Burger

Other Food

I did have a taste of the Swiss Mushroom burger and it was just ok. But I’m not a huge mushroom fan, so maybe that had more to do with it. The hubs had a sample of my burg and we both agreed the Lebanese Burger was where it’s at. He decided if he orders from here again he’d get the Lebanese burg for sure. We also had some sweet potato fries which were chunky and delicious. They didn’t come with any dip though which is normally a nice little touch I like to see since sweet potato fries work great with aioli, but aioli is not something most people typically have at home.

Sweet potato fries from Saltyz

Atmosphere & Staff:

The place is in a little plaza with other restaurants and shops. There was plenty of parking at the time, but I can see how it might get crowded if there was an event going on nearby or when we’re no longer pandemic living. The staff was very friendly. I was greeted at the door by a guy unloading supplies and carrying them in. The lady behind the counter was nice and friendly, and at one point another lady peak out from the kitchen to give a smile as well. The interior is very spacious and glamourous. It looks recently done. The picture below is only showing the back half of the restaurant and there’s a whole front section as well. The place would be perfect to host a birthday party or some other celebration (post-pandemic of course).

Interior of Saltyz
The interior of Saltyz is very spacious

Final Verdict:
4 stars

The Lebanese Burger is definitely worth heading out for if you’re into fusing your craving for a burg with the deliciousness of Shawarma. I know I’ll be back for this mash-up.

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