No Bull Burgers

Location: 1019 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M4E 1T3


Price: $7.75

What We Ordered:

  • Lil’ Burger with Blue Cheese
No Bull Burgers exterior (captured from Google Maps because I forgot to snap a picture as I was leaving)

Burger Review:

No Bull Burgers does organic and locally sourced meat that is ground and pressed daily on site. They have a host of premium toppings starting at $1, like bacon and cheddar. But they also get fancy with grilled cheese buns or fried egg which means you could create an epic monster burger if you wanted to. I do really like this burger because the meat is organic and local. You don’t get that kind of quality at other locations. The price isn’t the most expensive, but it’s not cheap which makes it not ideal if you want to bring the whole family for a meal.  The patty is thin and the bun is a bit too big so the meat gets overwhelmed by the bun and toppings. I still love it though! If I had to fix it to make it 5-stars, I’d make the patty a little thicker, use a higher fat content in the meat, and make the bun a bit smaller. 

Look at that glorious burger with blue cheese

Meat: 4oz organic, local, extra lean, AAA Angus beef. Ground daily on site and pressed so that it’s formed into a perfect circle disk of meaty goodness. They do a light shake of an “in-house secret spice” blend on these burgers but I couldn’t tell what it was exactly (I’d guess salt and ground celery seed as potentially in the mix). I can tell this burger is extra lean but it was juicy.

Toppings: I got blue cheese as a paid topping and the free ones were: chipotle mayo, sweet BBQ sauce, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion. The lettuce is a green leaf lettuce, onions are circle cut red onions, the pickles are ripple cut which makes them thick and crunchy (yum!) and they are generous with the toppings. 

Bun: Traditional hamburger style bun with sesame seeds. It did look toasted slightly on the inside. The bun was a bit too big for a 4oz patty and caused the meat flavor to get lost.  

Cross section of the Lil’ Burger at No Bull Burgers in Toronto

Other Food:

I didn’t order any additional food this time, but I have had the fries and they are hand cut, skin on, fresh and delicious. They do have malt vinegar which is heavenly on these fries.

How the Lil’ Burger came to the table

Atmosphere & Staff:

Always very clean inside and out. They have a few picnic tables with umbrellas for outdoor seating. Once you order your burger at the counter, the staff bring it to your table which is nice service for a strictly burger joint. The staff has always been very pleasant and one of them learned my name after only two visits which I thought was impressive considering I don’t go every week. The atmosphere and staff combine to make it an overall great experience.

The interior of No Bull Burgers is always spotlessly clean and the staff is friendly

Final Verdict:
4 stars

I love that this burger is organic and local. Minor tweaks as mentioned above would give this burger a 5-star rating. I do recommend to put it on your list as a must-go for burger lovers.

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