Location: 8825 Hwy 11 N, Orillia, ON L3V 6S2


Price: $15.33

What We Ordered:

  • Cheeseburger
  • Double Patty Hamburger
  • Fries
Webers’ pedestrian bridge erected in 1983 due to overwhelming popularity. The burger shack can be seen across the highway in the background
Looking at Webers from their pedestrian bridge over Hwy 11 in Ontario. You can see the crazy line-up of people and the delicious smelling smoke coming from their grills

Burger Review:

Webers is an Ontario landmark that opened in 1963 along Highway 11 that connects the southern tip of Ontario with cottage country and the major cities closer to the center of the province, like Sudbury and Thunder Bay. Webers became so popular that the ministry of transportation had to put up a fence in the middle of the highway in 1981 to stop people from running across four lanes of speeding traffic to get a burger. A few years later, Webers constructed a pedestrian walkway that became the only privately owned pedestrian bridge over an Ontario highway. I mention this to let you know just how popular Webers burgers are. I have never NOT seen a line up outside of Webers and today was no exception. The line up is so long that young staff members come along the line and pre-fill your order on a card you hand in upon entry. Then they take your cash to ring you up and run in to grab your change. You can see and smell the charcoal grills emanating from the place as you eagerly await your coveted burg. This is all before you even get inside the building. The place is so jumping that Starbucks recently opened up in their parking lot. 

Webers cheeseburger

Meat: Thin beef patty cooked on an open flame grill. They grind and pack their own burgers on site in a converted CN Railway car out back (for real). I’m not sure what magic they put into the fire they use to grill on, but it leaves a wonderful smokey flavor on the meat that is hard to duplicate. It’s a really good beef patty.  

Toppings: They have the traditional toppings of a burger joint and nothing fancy. I don’t think they even have bacon. Their cheese is the sliced processed variety, and the works include a slice of tomato, diced white onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. I had the cheeseburger with the works except mustard. The toppings were fresh and had a generous amount of onions and pickles (yum!). They don’t have lettuce, but it was not missed on this burger.

Bun: This is where the burger lost out on the 5-star rating for me. The bun was a soft kaiser style bun. If they had gone with a slightly sweet hamburger bun, like the kind The Burger’s Priest uses, this burger would be a slam dunk home run.  

Webers cheeseburger cross-section

Other Food:

We had the fries and they were soooo good! They were shaped like McDonald’s fries and looked golden yellow. But unlike McDonald’s fries, these were seasoned to perfection with some mystery seasoning and absolutely addictive. I’ll be thinking about these fries. They also have an ice cream parlor right next to the burger shack that serves Kawartha Ice Cream. 

How our food came

Atmosphere & Staff:

Busy! There is no seating inside the building where you pick up your food, but the property is littered with picnic tables (many with shade) and a large lawn. There is also a converted CN Railway car that makes an air conditioned dining area if it’s raining or too hot. You can also hop back into your car if you just want take-out. The staff working the line and cleaning the tables outside are young teens. I’m sure the kid running the ice cream counter next to the burger shack was 13. But everyone is polite and efficient. They keep the line ups moving fast and the picnic area absolutely spotless. 

CN Railway cars and picnic area provide ample seating for hundreds of burger lovers
Inside the air conditioned railway car with my burger buddy husband

Final Verdict:
4 stars

This burger comes really close to a 5-star rating for me because of the unique smokey flavor they get into that patty and the quality of the toppings. The only thing holding it back is the bun. But this piece of Ontario culture is absolutely worth a stop on your Canadian Burger Tour.