The 6 Burger Bar

Location: 3 Chelwood Rd, Scarborough, ON M1K 2K5


Price: $12.90

What We Ordered:

  • Home Burger
  • Greek Fries
Outside The 6 Burger Bar in Scarborough

Burger Review:

This buger is very simple and it tastes good. But it is something you could easily recreate at home. It looks like this restaurant is using the same ingredients you can pick up in a grocery store, the buns on the counter said “Dempster’s” on them, and I know I’ve gotten those myself at the grocery store. The guy uses a small flat top with a press to cook the burger. You get your choice of toppings, including jalapenos and olives. But I’m just not overly impressed with this burger. Would I order here again? Yes, but only because it’s close to home and means I don’t have to cook dinner. Plus the Greek fries are addictive.

Home burger from The 6 Burger Bar

Meat: Handmade patties (but not fresh ground on site) Angus beef. The guy did shake something on the patty as it cooked, but it may have been just salt and pepper.

Toppings: Iceburg lettuce, sliced tomato, diced white onions, length wise cut pickles, ketchup, mayo, BBQ sauce. These toppings were all piled on the top part of the stack. They were very standard and reminded me of what I’d find at a classic family BBQ picnic.

Bun: Kaiser soft bun similar to the ones you’d get in the grocery store bakery department. It was slightly toasted on the grill top on both sides.

Cross section of the home burger from The 6 Burger Bar

Other Food:

The fries are the bagged variety but the guy took the time to cook them right, bringing them up from the oil and tossing them and putting them back in the oil several times before serving. The toppings on the Greek fries are piled high and delicious. It includes tatziki, feta, Greek dressing, and Greek herbs (like oregano). I do really like these fries and will be thinking about them. My hubby got the chicken sticks dinner and said the portions were huge (enough to feed him and the kids).

Greek Fries and take-out from The 6 Burger Bar

Atmosphere & Staff:

The place is tiny with only a few two seater tables along the wall. There is free parking outside (bonus!). The guy running the place (who I think is the owner) is really nice and threw in a free pop with my order. There was an older guy in the back hand making patties while watching The Price is Right. The place seems a little dirty in the same way you’d see at any greasy spoon that is not a franchise or chain. It is best as a take out only experience.

Inside The 6 Burger Bar in Scarborough

Final Verdict:
2 stars

It’s not a bad burger if you’re simply not in the mood to cook. The food portions are generous and the owner is nice. However, you could easily recreate this burger at home so I wouldn’t recommend making it part of your Canadian Burger Tour.

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