The Burger’s Priest

Location:  1636 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1G3


Price: $11.68

What We Ordered:

  • Blue Steel
  • Fries
Outside The Burger’s Priest at the Queen and Coxwell location

Burger Review:

This burger is so juicy the bottom bun gets soggy, and that’s what burger meat should do. I got the blue cheese burger which comes with a choice of standard toppings. The Burger’s Priest has a selection of premium burgers to choose from, including a “secret menu” with contents piled high in unique combinations. For me,  this burger is as close to perfection as I’ve ever had from a take-out joint. The combination of the bun with the juicy meat and toppings is a home run.

Blue steel burger looks perfect. I swear that’s how it came out of the bag, I didn’t do anything extra to make it look this pretty.

Meat: Custom blend of premium beef. The meat is ground by The Burger’s Priest daily, but they prepare it at another Toronto location which means at this restaurant the meat is prepared off site and undergoes some transportation. They cooked this burger perfectly! You can see in the cross section image below that the meat is just a little bit pink. And that’s exactly what keeps a burger juicy and delicious.

Toppings: Blue cheese, plus choice of free toppings. I ordered “the works except mustard” and got: mayo, ketchup, one piece of leaf lettuce, two small slices of tomato, two thin ring cut white onions, three round cut pickles. I would have liked a little bit more onion, but next time I’ll just order “extra onions”. The blue cheese was the sliced square kind you see in grocery stores that are burger or sandwich ready, instead of crumbles on top which is sometimes how blue cheese comes.

Bun: Classic hamburger bun, almost has a sweet quality to the crust. I could eat this bun on its own and it would still be delicious. Goes perfect with the burger. They lightly toast the inside of the bun on the grill top so it is slightly golden on the edges.

Cross section of the Blue Steel burger from The Burger’s Priest. You can see the meat is slightly pink which is exactly how it should be.

Other Food:

The fries are fresh with skin on. They come out golden and a bit soft. My first bite was a bit too salty, but the rest were fine. I think it was just the one fry I grabbed that had a salt cluster on it. They do have malt vinegar which is a must for these fries. Tasted delicious. I didn’t try it this time around, but they do have a vegan burger, vegetarian options, and a gluten free keto bun if you have dietary restrictions.

Blue steel burger and fries as take-out from The Burger’s Priest

Atmosphere & Staff:

The Burger’s Priest on Queen St. East is a small space and crowded during lunch hours. Really just enough room to line up and wait for your burger. They do have a small wall table with a few high top chairs but it would be uncomfortable to eat on location as patrons are pressed up against you waiting for their food. Staff looks cramped and hot and it shows in their attitude while taking your order. Not that they’re unpleasant or rude, but you can tell they’re a little agitated. Do not try to pack the kids into this joint. Quick in and out to eat elsewhere is your best option.

Inside The Burgers Priest on Queen St. East is a little cramped. Best to order quickly for take out.

Final Verdict:
5 stars

So far it ranks as one of the best take-out burgers I’ve ever had in Canada. You definitely need to try this place.

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