The Beech Tree

Location: 924 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M4E 3L7


Price: $41

What We Ordered:

  • Char-Grilled Burger
  • Fresh Baked Cheddar Scone
  • Grilled Flat Bread
The Beech Tree in the Upper Beach in Toronto. This is from Google Maps because I forgot to snap a pic of the exterior as I was leaving (we got too excited for a clothing sale near by)

Burger Review:

This burger is listed on Thrillest as one of Toronto’s best under-the-radar burgers, so of course I suggested this joint when I was invited to a lunch meeting in the area. The presentation of the food is really beautiful. Each dish comes with its own style of plate. The burger came on this wooden circle with the salad and dip in pretty farm kitchen dishes. It all looked delicious and Instagram worthy. The burger was good, but the meat was a bit overcooked and it was missing the sweetness that toppings like tomatoes, onions, and certain condiments bring to the overall taste. If this burger had a tomato and maybe a richer type of lettuce (like green leaf or butter lettuce) I think it would taste much better. As it was, I was dipping it in the aioli to counter some dryness from being overcooked and I did end up asking for ketchup to get some sweetness and moisture into it.  

The char-grilled burger at The Beech Tree in Toronto

Meat: I completely forgot to shake down the waiter for details on the burger meat. It was definitely hand formed and not frozen, but I can’t say if it’s ground on site or local or what quality of meet it is. It’s like I completely forgot I was writing a burger blog haha. I can say it is char-grilled and seasoned with salt, pepper, and something else that I couldn’t put my taste bud finger on. I’d say it was slightly over-cooked as you can see by the cross section picture below. 

Toppings: This burger comes with thyme aioli on the burger and extra on the side. There is also cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, and pickled onions. I was most excited about the pickled onions because I love pickles and I love onions so… pickled onions sounds right up my alley. They were good, but a bit soft which I don’t like in a burger. I’m a textures person when it comes to food so I prefer a crisp onion to caramelized onions or soft pickled onions on a burger. The iceberg lettuce was not the right choice for this burger. The blandness of iceberg lettuce just didn’t compliment the richness of the other toppings. I think they did iceberg because it’s crisp and that makes up for the soft onions. But who knows. 

Bun: Brioche style bun that was really nicely charred on the top and inside. The bun was nice and toasted on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I really liked it. 

Cross section of the char-grilled burger at The Beech Tree

Other Food:

The burger came with a green salad – literally everything in it was the colour green. I could have had chips instead but I find chips and burgers are a weird combo. The salad was just ok and I didn’t finish half of it because it was mostly lettuce with too much dressing on it. My lunch partners had a cheese scone and a flat bread with pea falafels. They were both really good, although incredibly bread-heavy.   

Atmosphere & Staff:

The interior was quite dark except in front by a large open window (big enough to potentially be a door). The one guy who was serving us was nice. There was no one else in the place except two women beside us, which surprised me since it was about noon on a Sunday and this place does brunch in the residential and trendy Upper Beach. 

The interior of The Beech Tree. This smiling lunch partner is my sister Laura.

Final Verdict:
3 stars

I may have gotten this burger on an off-day. It was a bit too well done and the type of lettuce wasn’t the right choice to really highlight the artisan feel of this burger. It was good, but not something I’ll crave or insist on going back for seconds. 

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