Woody’s Burgers

Location: 3795 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8W 1R2

Website: https://www.woodysburgers.ca/

Price: $14.60

What We Ordered:

  • Beef stuffed Gorgonzola blue
  • 50/50 Fries
Outside Woody’s Burgers in Etobicoke

Burger Review:

I was excited to be driving by this burger joint on the way back from a meeting so I stopped for lunch. They use a Canadian hardwood burning grill which is apparent right when you walk in, as you’re hit by the yummy smell of open flame grilling. I got the beef stuffed gorgonzola blue burger. I was worried that maybe the gorgonzola would be skimpy, but boy was I wrong! This was piled high with gooey blue cheese and toppings so I was in heaven (I love blue cheese burgers!). They have a lot of toppings to choose from, and I was reluctant to make a decision between five kinds of mayo that all sounded fantastic. I would say the only thing holding me back from a 5-star review on this burger is the thinness of the patties which makes them overcooked and a bit dry. I know it’s a 4oz, but they flattened it out too much to meet the width of the bun. If they used smaller buns, they could make the 4oz a little thicker (but not as wide) and produce a nicer patty. But that’s my opinion. I know others really like a thin patty, and if that’s you – this might be a 5-star winner. 

Just look at that dripping blue cheesy and saucy deliciousness

Meat: Two 4oz thin patties with no processed ingredients. The meat comes from local farm raised cattle. They do press the burgers fresh on site daily. But I suspect they are using a mold, as the patties come out perfectly uniform. They also have a 7oz patty which may offer a different experience as I imagine it would be a thicker patty (although I didn’t see it so I’m not sure). They char the crap out of this patty but it works well with the blue cheese and generous amount of toppings so I didn’t mind. 

Toppings: This burger joint offers a lot of toppings for free and reasonable prices for premium toppings like brie or pulled pork for $1.95 or less. I had garlic mayo, ketchup, BBQ sauce (which was sweet and sticky), gorgonzola cheese, long-sliced pickles, arch cut red onions, and sliced tomato. The gorgonzola was piled high and so amazingly yummy. 

Bun: Brioche style bun that was flaky on top. I’d say a tiny bit too much bun happening for the thin patties. I can imagine one 4oz patty getting lost in this bun. 

Cross section of the stuffed beef Gorgonzola blue burger at Woody’s Burgers

Other Food:

I had the 50/50 fries, which is half french fries and half sweet potato fries. They looked and tasted fresh cut. The sweet potato fries were really salty and the regular fries were a bit under cooked. I ate about 1/4 of the lot and tossed the rest. They were good, but not amazingly crave-worthy. 

How the burger arrived at the table. 50/50 fries can be seen in the back

Atmosphere & Staff:

I was in line for a while because I was behind a group of friends, so I would say the service is slow. Bring your patience with you if you come at a busy time. Ordering was very awkward, as even a short line up left no room for people to pass by. There is more seating than I see in some burger joints, and plenty of tables outside on a patio. They didn’t seem to have A/C so it was hot as heck but cooler under the fans inside than the humid day outside. They do serve beer so you could sit and drink on the patio if you wanted to. The place noticeably smelled like wood-fire BBQ upon walking in, and my hair smelled of it the rest of the day (which was fine with me). The staff was friendly, and they conveniently had buzzers to let you know when your meal was ready for pick up which was handy. I would say it’s a little too narrow and busy to navigate with a toddler or stroller, although not impossible. 

Final Verdict:
4 stars

If you are into char-grilled patties I would highly recommend this place. My hair smelled like campfire for the entire day afterwards. Worth a stop on your burger tour.

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